I even screamed, eyes can not help but open, you know, I have just been strangled, but mentioned in the air, the feeling of falling with my eyes closed is absolutely not good, God knows if he will throw me directly back into the elevator shaft! However, after I opened my eyes, the feeling of surprise was deeper than before! My body fell into the arms of a man, who held me firmly in his arms. In front of us, the head of Hu Xin's body was gone, and the blood spurted out like a fountain into the sky. The ceiling of the corridor was quickly dyed red. I watched this scene in shock, half a day before I remembered to look back and see which knight saved me on the way. In fact, as soon as I fell into his arms, I felt the familiar breath, and turning back was just a certainty. Baidu cloud search, search novel is convenient to He is also looking down at me, the fundus of the expression is complex, I gritted my teeth to earn the pain: "Quick, put me down.". Why are you here? The man behind me is Mori Night. "Don't try to be brave,Ozone generator ceramic plate," he said lightly. "You're hurt. I'll send you back." There were little beads of sweat on his temples, as if he had been desperate to get here. But I didn't believe it: "Why did you come here?"? Isn't it over between you and me long ago? He glared at me, as if annoyed, and simply put me on the ground and tore off my clothes. Baidu cloud search, search novel is convenient to "What do you want to do?" I screamed. [Http://] disk 58 Baidu cloud search resources, search novels, search movies is easy to use. He tore off the skirt of my dress and wrapped the wound around my waist tightly. "Even if your wound recovers quickly,Kamado bbq grill, it's not for you to make such a mess.". Go, go back! "I won't go back!" Not to be outdone, I stared back at him, "Han Yue and Xiao Ai are still alive and dead below, I can't.." "Ah.." My voice suddenly changed, and in my line of sight, behind Mori Night, the man whose head had been cut off was turning in our direction, still holding the machete in his hand, which was now held high and aimed at Mori Night's back. Without hesitation, I bounced up and pushed Mori aside, exposing myself to the attack range of the machete. Mori night's reaction was faster than mine. He rushed over and hugged me under his body. His body rolled on the ground. The machete cut down fiercely and burst out a little fire on the marble floor. And the blade of the machete also cut Mori's arm, and the blood rushed out. I quickly reached out and pressed it, and my voice changed: "Ah, ceramic igniter electrodes ,Ceramic ferrule for stud welding, does it hurt?" He pushed me to the ground, kicked my feet on the ground, and grabbed the lamp holder on the ceiling with his hands. His whole body rose in the air and swung out as if it had no weight. His foot hit the puppet hard in the chest, "bang", the puppet was like a vulnerable balloon, the chest burst, a heart fell to the ground, and it was still beating. I felt sick and turned my head away, but Mori was not reconciled. Not only did he trample the heart to pieces, but he almost dismantled the puppet. There is no soul in him, and his master is long gone. He shook off the blood on his hands and looked cold. "Shen Mei, leave here right now. It's too late!" I propped up from the ground: "No, I can't leave Han Yue and Xiao Ai, my parents don't know where..." He glared at me and suddenly whistled. I don't know where the wood came out and landed firmly in front of me. Take her away. Mori night didn't even look at me. "Man, I'm going to save you.".
” As soon as he reached into the elevator shaft, he hooked his long legs and caught the load-bearing rope. His figure flashed and disappeared in front of us. His movements were neat and neat. But I ran out: "Xue Senye, you come back!"! Shen Mei doesn't owe you a favor. If you want to go, go. I don't need you to do anything for me anymore! My voice echoed in the elevator shaft, but I didn't hear any response from Mori. [Http://] Netdisk Resource Search, Netdisk Search Artifact (Novels, Movies, TV Series) "Go at once." The wood scratched me. "The ghost tide is coming. If it's a little later, we won't be able to walk." Ghost tide? I covered my lower abdomen and was pulled downstairs by the wood biting the skirt, almost falling down without being pulled by it. What the hell tide? I was surprised and frightened, "This is a residential building, how can.." "Only you think it's a residential building." The wood sniffed, "Hu Xin buried this trap for you, is it possible for you to get away with it?"? He is vicious, but also borrowed the art of a substitute, but also set up a call Yin bird. I tell you, when this bird calls, it is not Hu Xin, but the ghosts of a thousand meters around here! Where do you think these ghosts come from? Wait a minute, the whole building can't survive! As we spoke, we had already rushed downstairs. An old aunt, carrying a basket of vegetables in her hand, beat her waist as she walked: "It's really a goddamn thing. The elevator is not bad early or late, but it's bad at this time.." I opened my mouth wide. This is my mother's old poker friend, who used to play cards all night in our house! The other side also raised his face to look at me, as if he was identifying who I was. I've got a much better face, and it's natural that she doesn't recognize me. Just as she raised her finger and pointed at me, she asked, "Girl, you look familiar.." Suddenly, a blood-red shadow appeared from the ground and suddenly hugged the old aunt in front of her. That was a killer hug! Because of this hug,7g Ozone Generator, the old aunt screamed, twisted and deformed, and the blood erupted from the top of her head.

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