The first to kneel down and beg for mercy was Chunji, who had been hit by two swords in succession. Although they were not deep, she had been frightened out of her courage. She cried on the ground and said, "Your Majesty, spare Chunji's life. Chunji still doesn't want to die. Chunji is willing to accept any punishment. Please allow Chunji to withdraw from the competition." The others also lost their fighting spirit and dropped their swords. Chunji, you really let the lonely family down. Feng Le smiled and clapped his hands, calling the guards around her to take her down. Your punishment tonight is not to take off this blindfold. Go down! Chunji sobbed and left. And then, who else is going to give up? He asked coldly. Hotaru heard the sound of the sword falling to the ground, and two more people abstained. In this way, I only need to deal with one more person, and then I can stay in Feng Le's bedroom. This lets the child firefly unconsciously courage multiply, once she and Feng Le have the opportunity to be alone, oneself can wait for the opportunity to move. Dongji, I thought you could make it to the end, and Xia Ji. You're all a big disappointment to the lonely family. Look at this new black butterfly girl, she can still hold out until now. It seems that you are all talking big before,Diameter tape measure, well, let Chunji a person to deal with a battalion of bodyguards is also a little reluctant, you two also go to accompany her. But your blindfold can be removed. "Thank the king for his grace." "Go down!" Quiet again in the room, Hotaru this time no longer maintain the usual escape position, since there is only one person, the sooner let her retreat the better,cattle weight tape, she listened to Qiuji's disordered breathing, after catching the target, stabbed her calf, like a dragonfly cut two minor wounds on Qiuji's body. Ah Qiu Ji tried to fight back, but she got the wrong position and let the sword swing into the air in vain. I won't lose. I won't give up the king to your new thief cat. The king is mine! Really stubborn, the son firefly simply around behind her, a pull Qiuji's long hair down hard. Wow, it hurts.. It hurts so much.. You're breaking the rules. Don't catch his hair! Akihime returned Hotaru with long pointed fingers and teeth, scratching and biting mercilessly like a red-eyed and screaming wildcat. Hotaru was afraid that if the time was too long, it would only create more wounds, so she raised her sword, intending to threaten Akihime's neck, Adhesive fish ruler ,fish measuring tape, but the next moment she ate a heavy hand knife on her wrist, shaking the sword away from her palm. What? She immediately stepped back warily. Let's stop here. Qiu Ji is going to give up. Feng Le's voice, when he came behind him, why he did not even feel his breathing. By the way, it was the same before. Obviously, he was also in the bedroom, but she only noticed the breathing of the other four people, but she couldn't tell where Feng Le was. King Akihime's sudden sound blocked Hotaru's thinking. Your Majesty, you see he's covered with wounds. It's too much. Qiu Ji, you did a good job, and you can stay until the end. Although you are not the final winner tonight, the lonely family will reward you well. "Your Majesty.." "Well.." Qiuji's breathing became confused, during which a wet tut could be heard faintly. Then Qiuji gasped and groaned in a charming voice and said, "I don't want anything, as long as the king's favor is enough. Your Majesty, let me accompany you tonight!" "The rules are the rules. Tonight is the Black Butterfly Girl. We'll talk about it tomorrow." "But they want it now!" "You can go to the barracks with Chunji." "Your Majesty!" Only heard Qiuji's footsteps were urged to the door, no matter how Qiuji begged, but Feng Le did not speak again. It is easy to guess that Qiu Ji must have tried her best to make Feng Le change her mind, but Feng Le resolutely swept her out of the house. Hotaru is slightly aware that Feng Le is not a person who can easily be drunk by women's fans. I'm afraid it's not as easy as I imagined to catch Feng Le's impenetrable gap. I like a woman who doesn't talk much. Hotaru was frightened by him again, not even a sign, and suddenly his deep voice came from his ear, as if he had been stabbed in the dark. Hotaru did not believe that there was anyone in the world besides the master who could accept himself quietly and not let himself notice.
Feng Le said, his fingertips also lifted her chin and lingered around her neck. In the darkness without vision, I felt his touch like a cold snake kiss, and my son firefly was unhappy and shivered with disgust. Finally, you get the chance to please me as you wish. Black Butterfly. Are you happy? There was a smirk of conceited arrogance in his tone. To make the king happy is the joy of the black butterfly. Hotaru said unintentionally empty words in a dull way. He pressed his lips to her ear and blew the words directly into her head and said, "Then take off your disguise and let me see what secrets you are hiding naked." He knows! Hotaru gasped in astonishment, and then he took off the blindfold on his face. Feng Le's dark and evil deep black eyes are wide in front of her, coldly penetrating into her soul, freezing her inner and corroding her will. Naked, the most real you. Let me see it clearly. He caught Hotaru, who could not move because of his words. "Come to bed, my little butterfly." Step by step, Hotaru's chest seemed to hide countless butterflies flapping their wings, which were carefully laid down by a spider web called "temptation". This is not the sweet temptation of the birth of love, but the web of hatred that has been woven since ten years ago. Unless it is "destroyed", it will never be "reborn". Feng Le could not have known what mood she was in when she came here. She would seduce him,Walking tape measure, and make him think she was seduced by him, until her dagger plunged into his breast and spurted out the blood of that ugly enemy.?? With the tips of his fingers he tasted her creamy skin. Every inch of skin he touched seemed to have been crawled by a poisonous insect, leaving an uncontrollable goose bump. Feng Le's sarcastic black eyes stared at her every reaction and touched the parts with small protuberances again interestingly. Is it cold? Still not feeling well? 。

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